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Agapornis Fischeri, better known by the artist name Kakaduu, is originally from Central Africa and now based in Berlin, Germany. They established themselves as artists in London, UK, where they lived from 2010 to 2015.

They have been active in the visual arts since 2010 and first gained recognition with the wood veneer and cardboard sculpture “Me and My Home”. Other well-known works include “My Cage” and “My Nightmares About the Cat”.

Kakaduu is one of the most remarkable contemporary practitioners of environmental art in Europe, choosing to use mostly recycled material in creating artworks. They prefer figurative wood sculpture, although often also paint on different materials. Favourite media include wood, wood veneer, cardboard, and coconut shell; for painting they use recycled food.

Better known paintings from the mature period include “Kakaduu Shit on Canvas”, “Kakaduu Shit on Glass”, “Kakaduu Shit on Veneer”, “Kakaduu Shit on Cupboard Door”, “Kakaduu Shit on Porcelain”, “Kakaduu Shit on A4” and “Kakaduu Shit on DVD”. Well-known artworks from the most recent output include “London”, “The Dwarf’s House on the Hill”, “We Went to See the Elephant” and “The Squirrel, the Cat and the Hare”.

Kakaduu’s works have been shown at The First and Second International World Exhibition of Artist Birds.

Kakaduu is represented by clapTON gallery.